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Hi  !

My name is Emilie, but I like it when people call me Emi :) with a long eeee

I was born in Brussels in 1983, and that's where I grew up and went to school with my three sisters. We spoke French at home, but Flemish at school. That is to the Dutch language what Schwiitzerdütsch is to High German :) I stayed there until I completed my master's degree in applied sciences.

As a child I loved a number of things, including math, music (the violin), strategy and board games, drawing and painting. I wasn't really into sports and everything that was physically demanding for me :) It's still a bit like that today.... but I won't forget that :)

Then at 23 I came to Switzerland for an internship and before I knew it I got a permanent job, found the love of my life, friends for life, got married, had two beautiful girls and was really sucked into adult life.

Somewhere along the way I then  a bit lost but couldn't exactly put my finger on it. What  do you wish for more?  Love, great family, great friends, great job, you have everything. What's the problem? Yet,  something was missing, nothing material, it was of a different nature...  a certain emptiness formed in me and I was sad very often. It took me a while to understand what exactly was going on. And it took me an even longer while to understand that this emptiness was a gift back then. You need the emptiness to  to let something new in. 

But anyways, back to business. One day, because I couldn't think of anything better, I simply decided to buy another paint box, which I loved to do as a child. I had a passion for creating, something I could do at home, and that's how I got into watercolor painting. Finally, with gratitude, I decided to retire from my previous job to focus on being a mother and, thanks to the paint boxes,  i had one  hobby that was good for me. And somehow, again before I knew it, I couldn't stop painting and a plan began to germinate!  

And that's how emilie vermeulen designs came about, my somewhat different baby, my challenge,  my passion, the new one  Activity that I live and love and through which the sun shines for me every day.  I know, I know, sounds cheesy, but it's true :)  


Nice, you're on my side

so nice, you like to read about me! Thank you very much!

And if you feel like painting, need inspiration, tips or tricks, you can find me on  Instagram . I'll show you what I paint and design and also pass on my experiences.

And if you want to experience it up close, I would be very happy to welcome you to one of my workshops! You can find them here .

Sincerely and see you soon

your emi

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