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Amsterdam acrylic ink is incredibly versatile. This particularly liquid acrylic paint made from concentrated, high-quality, lightfast pigments combines the properties of ink with the advantages of acrylic paint: It does not fade and it dries quickly, with a long-lasting shine. You can choose from 56 pure colors, including 17 special colors in metallic, pearl and reflective tones. Would you like to dedicate yourself to calligraphy with a fountain pen or put illustrations on paper? Do you want delicate lines or a flowing application? Then you should try this finely pigmented acrylic paint at will - even for airbrushing


Emi's tip: I use this ink almost like watercolors! it blends in a fantastic way, but dries a little differently, some effects are much easier to achieve, AND it dries waterproof :) This has its advantages when you want to paint several layers!


At the moment there are colors here in the shop, but other colors can be reordered if you are interested, just send me an email!  here



105 - Titanium White

275 - Azo Yellow Deep

276 - Azo Orange

399 - Naphtol Red

577 - Primary  Red purple 

511 - Sky Blue

522 - Turquoise Blue

570 - Phtalo Blue

618 - Primary Green

621 - Olive Green Light

622 - Olive Green Deep

234 - Raw Sienna

409 - Burnt Umber

735 - Oxide Black


SET EARTH: 6 Inks (105/621/622/234/409/735) + Flower Porcelaine Dish (ONE INK FREE)

SET RAINBOW: 6 Inks (275/276/399/577/570/618) +  Flower Porcelaine Dish (ONE INK FREE)

SET B&W: 2 Inks (105/735)  + Flower Porcelaine Dish (SET PRICE)



Amsterdam Acrylic Ink is incredibly versatile. Made with a high concentration of high-quality, lightfast pigments, this ultra-fluid acrylic blends ink properties with the benefits of acrylic paint - it doesn't fade and it dries quickly with a permanent finish. In addition, you get 56 pure colors, including 17 Specialty Colors - metallic, pearl and reflex colors. Are you interested in attaining, calligraphy with a dip pen or illustrations on paper? Do you want fine lines or flowing applications? Then use this fine-pigment acrylic any way you like - even for airbrushing

Amsterdam Acrylic Inks

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